Made from copper sheet and copper wire. Each one

is unique. They have assorted hair styles. 

The tails can curve left, right or straight. They

come with seashell bras & belly button jewels.

Each is beautifully torched for color and design.

Small ones come with wire arms 

which can be re-positioned. There is a loop behind 

the head for hanging or display.

Extra Large Mermaid, she makes quite the 


3 - 4' tall and approximately 18 - 22" wide

$275 each


Large Mermaids measure 19" tall and 9" wide

$90 each

Small Mermaids measure 9" tall and wide

2 for $45

When ordering one of these lovely mermaids 

you may request

straight or curly hair, the tail can also 

be straight tilted

to the left or right. Just leave a comment 

when ordering.

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