Flower Sprinklers     

These unique handcrafted, functional, copper garden art sculptures are not just sprinklers, they can also be used as a birdbath or water fountain. Made from copper and brass, lightly torched with highlights of raspberry and royal blue colors. ZWINKLER Flower Sprinklers make beautiful rainbows on a sunny day. Just insert the hose into the zinc spike, turn on the water and enjoy!

  • 24 inches high, waters up to 25 feet in diameter
  • Can water in a full 360° circle
  • Flow adjustment valve adjusts from a spray to a mist
  • Compatible with a ½ inch irrigation system
  • Replace those ugly black risers with a unique sculpture
  • Useful, not wasteful, you control the water flow
  • Conserves water because it is a valve
  • No moving parts to break
  • Winter Care: If you live in a cold climate area, please bring your ZWINKLER in before the first frost. Water in copper pipes left outside will freeze and then pipes burst. Put your ZWINKLER in the basement or garage for winter storage. It does not have to be taken apart. In early spring, after all signs of freezing have past, your ZWINKLER is ready to go back in the garden

Prices subject to change due to the high price of copper

 DAISY HEAD $70 includes shipping

  SUNFLOWER HEAD $70 includes shipping

 MAGNOLIA HEAD $70 includes shipping