Ellen Feldman Sullivan began her art career attending the Modern School of Fashion Design while taking classes at the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston, Massachusetts.

She designed and created a line of soft sculpture animals which were shown and exhibited throughout the Northeastern United States. Children and adults cherished each new animal’s arrival.

In 1980 Ellen met and married James Sullivan and ten years later wanting to do something fun and funky and realizing the need for something artsy, yet sophisticated, in the Southern Florida art market, together they created the “HOT MAMA”.

HOT MAMAS were not just dolls. From the Miami Beach Hippie, lounging on a beach chair, to the most outrageous of ladies, dressed in sequins, dripping in gold and pearl jewelry, wrapped in mink and reclining on a boudoir chair, each HOT MAMA was a creation with personality.

HOT MAMAS received numerous awards from the fine art shows throughout the country and still can be seen in private collections and viewed in art galleries in the United States and Europe.

Ten years pass and it is time for a change. Can you imagine waking up to a blue sky, a bright glowing yellow sun, a tranquil blue ocean and forever green foliage every day? Imagine being able to enhance the natural beauty of it all. James and Ellen created the ZWINKLER, and remarkably, they have put a twinkle in nature’s beauty.

From the simplest of designs, to the intricate group of jazz musicians, ZWINKLERS are everywhere. Not only is each piece functional, ZWINKLERS bring sunshine and rainbows to their owners. Fun, whimsical, uniquely handcrafted, torched copper garden art sculptures, sprinklers, fountains and showers can be enjoyed inside the home or in the garden or yard.

James passed away in 2010. Ellen continues making, showing and selling their creations. With Dalton, the big yellow plastic duck and an entourage of sculptures, Ellen can be found most weekends displaying at an art show on the Eastern seaboard.